Newark Irregulars

Tabletop Miniature Wargaming Club
Programme of Meetings 2005/6

The Newark Irregulars are an informal tabletop miniature wargames group who meet at the 7th Newark Scout HQ, Lover's Lane, Newark, UK. We run regular Wednesday night meetings, irregular all-day meetings, and the internationally renowned Partizan shows.


Beastly Belgians from Foundry's Darkest Africa range take to the table at a club night.

Painting by Laurence Baldwin, basing by Dave Woodward, Photo by Frank Hammond.


New faces are always welcome at the club, just drop in or contact the Secretary: Laurence Baldwin

Club Meetings:

 In 2005/6 we will again be meeting EVERY Wednesday evening (7pm - 11pm) EXCEPT WHEN WE DON'T! This because our great rivals the Rabbit Club have a prior claim on the hall…….

Therefore the following nights in 2005/6 will NOT have meetings:

 and every other Wednesday we will be there! See, still pretty Irregular!


All day meetings - Sundays (9am - 5pm).



Our Shows



Last updated: 10rd December 2005.