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If you know of any links to sites that would be of interest, or run a site you would like to have included, please contact me . (Richard)  

I have listed the sites according to their type. In some cases a site may be listed more than once, with the site as a whole listed in the General Section and individual pages listed in their relevant sections as appropriate.

Due to the size of the links archive we have now split it into 5 sections, access to which is via the links above.

All these links are checked regularly but if you find any that are now dead or redirected please let me know and I will make corrections.

One other point to note.

These links pages have started appearing on a number of other sites often in their original form. This is particularly the case with the club links. I have no objection to this as the point of these pages is to provide a service to the wargaming community. That said, I would appreciate it if those using these links pages on their sites could include some note of their origin. These links are actively maintained and unsurprisingly given the size of the resource - that takes a lot of work.

In addition, if you let me know that you are using these links pages in whatever form, then I will ensure that you are notified of the regular updates.

Last Updated 25-05-15