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Klug - The WW2 specialist



Klug - man of mystery, bike enthusiast, body builder, gardener and all round helping hand - is crazy about WW2. He has designed his own rules - Missing in Action - and is famous for his 'games in a box' - a whole evening's wargaming appearing out of a single toolbox and his ever present rucksack. His collection of vehicles and scenery has to be seen to be believed and is all the more impressive as it consists mostly of beautifully painted plastic kits and scratch builds. Below are a few pictures of his games down the years. 

1945retreat.jpg (154571 bytes)

defences.jpg (164685 bytes)

germantrain.jpg (187479 bytes)

heavymortar.jpg (167528 bytes)

heavymortar2.jpg (152432 bytes)

1945 German Defence

Defensive Line

German Train

Heavy Mortar

Heavy Mortar Again

homeguard.jpg (171763 bytes)

nebelwerfer2.jpg (144154 bytes)

russianwrecks.jpg (215744 bytes)

tiger1.jpg (168313 bytes)


British Homeguard


Russian Wrecks








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